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Rachana Adyanthaya

Rachana was born and raised in England, resides in Virginia, USA, and is of Indian heritage. This diverse background has heightened her awareness and knowledge of etiquette as a means of showing respect and courtesy to others. 

Rachana provides her clients with career-enhancing performance coaching and etiquette. The result is quite unique. She appreciates the delicate balance and impact of juggling a competitive, determined spirit with the subtle but necessary qualities of empathy, kindness, and respect for others. She firmly believes that by aligning her clients to their core values in order to reach their goals is not only highly effective but the building blocks of a successful and happy life. Her coaching enables those she serves to gain the edge needed to reach their next-level success goals without compromising their integrity. 

She draws on her background of working for “magic circle” law firms, top tier investment banks and her sporting contributions. Rachana has represented the England national team in lacrosse to compete and hold medals in 2 World Cup Lacrosse Championships. These experiences have enabled her to hone skills and a mindset that translates to all areas of her life.  Skills such as the ability to gain rapport, work effectively within teams and communicate effectively under name a few!


In her spare time, Rachana is also the co-host of an etiquette podcast, Manners Matter 2. It is a lighthearted chat about modern day manners and how it impacts our lives, trajectory and first impressions. Check it out @mannersmatter2 

Warning: This is not your grandma’s etiquette!

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