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Cr8mychange Offers Individual and Group Consulting and Coaching

Courses & Workshops

The online courses are very detailed and provide a framework that can be put into practice immediately. Whether you are an individual wanting to gain a competitive edge and stand out from the crowd or interested in a team training, we can work with you to provide the most comprehensive training for your needs. 

Below is a non- exhaustive list of some of the offerings. We do offer bespoke packages for those wanting specific areas of training.

Please contact us for more information and details of upcoming courses.

BusinessEtiquette copy.png

Business Etiquette

Whilst hard work and a good working knowledge are integral parts to getting you to the next level in your career, your communication, rapport, professionalism and social skills will give you the credibility to set yourself apart from the crowd. Our business etiquette training will provide you with the skills to take your career up a notch or two! It will arm you with the confidence to tackle any work situation with professionalism and exude trust and confidence. Whether you are working in an office or working remotely, honing these skills is invaluable to long term success.

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