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CR8MYCHANGE offers Individual and group consulting and coaching.

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Business Etiquette

Whilst hard work and a good working knowledge are integral parts to getting you to the next level in your career, your communication, rapport, professionalism and social skills will give you the credibility to set yourself apart from the crowd. Our business etiquette training will provide you with the skills to take your career up a notch or two! It will arm you with the confidence to tackle any work situation with professionalism and exude trust and confidence. Whether you are working in an office or working remotely, honing these skills is invaluable to long term success.

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Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette is often overlooked particularly as dining has become more relaxed. That being said, it still plays an important role in our lives as good dining etiquette can give you the confidence to enjoy an event without the worry of creating the wrong impression. This course is both practical and comprehensive and will arm you with the arsenal to navigate any dining experience with ease, confidence and grace,  be it formal dining, a business lunch buffet or networking with cocktails and hor d'oeuvres!

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Networking Skills

Networking has never been more important or pervasive. Due to technology, people are chosing to live all over the world, making the workplace truly global. This has opened up new forms of networking, namely online networking. Whatever form it takes, networking can be enormously influential for the trajectory of your career. If done well, it can build trust, impart valuable knowledge and open doors to propel your career and reputation. Our course gives you some simple key steps, to enable you to network with ease.  It provides a framework that ensures you will always carry yourself with confidence and authenticity, so that you can make an exceptional first impression.

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Color Theory

We live in a highly visual world. Whether you are aware of it or not, color is being used to lure you, distract, repel and impact your feelings, moods, behaviors and even your decisions by the likes of advertisers, entertainers, retailers and restaurants to name a few! The power of utilizing color is so persuasive that companies spend vast amounts of money to get their branding and color just right so that it attracts the right client. If it works for them then why not for you? How much thought do you give to the colors you wear and whether they bring out the best in you? What do the colors you wear say (subliminally) about you? You may be doing everything right but your color choices could be sabotaging your efforts. 
This course offers a bespoke color analysis based on your individual traits. It allows you to play to your strengths and dress in the colors that highlight you and exude a polished and professional image.


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