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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Busines cards have been around since 15th Century! Over the years there has been a shift towards digital cards and codes. There are certainly benefits to the digital version, namely environmental and ease of not having to remember to carry your cards with you at all times, coupled with the ease of uploading the information to your contacts. With all this ease comes some shortfalls, namely, hoarding contact information for everyone you meet instead of evaluating the usefulness of a contact and deciding whether to keep the information on the card or simply discarding it.

Another reason the business card has lasted the test of time is because it is often seen as so much more than just a card with contact information. It speaks volumes about who you are, what you value and your personal branding. For example, someone who uses quality heavy weight card cares about quality right down to the detail of their business card. A flamboyant font will appeal to someone who is more carefree in nature and so forth. It’s really a unique insight into that person and what they hold important.

How do you ensure your card stands out from the crowd? Here are 6 simple steps:

1. Add a photo of yourself

People remember faces more than names and allows people to place you.

2. Keep text information simple

Do not overcrowd the card. You shouldn’t have to squint to read main details.

3. Add a QR Code – if you want to include more information or enable people to add your information to their contacts without typing anything. This way you get the best of both digital and physical cards.

4. Use both sides of the card – it is valuable marketing real estate.

5. Use high quality heavy weight card stock – don’t use cheap paper as it reflects you. Make it so that the client doesn’t want to throw it away.

6. Use color and font that aligns with your brand’s image and logo

For example, it you are a corporate you may want to reflect a professional outlook and choose a simple font with conservative colors such as blue or black.

“Business cards are like works of art. To be of value it must be appreciated and not quickly discarded.” Henry Fan.

Rachana Adyanthaya, Founder of CR8MYCHANGE focusing on Business Etiquette, Image Consulting & Private Coaching

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