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Private Coaching - Image Consulting - Networking Skills

Private Coaching

Our private coaching is available to those who want a truly personalized experience. Have you ever wished you had a personal cheerleader? Someone who would always have your back and hold you accountable? If so, then this is for you.   It is truly transformative as the coaching is tailor made for you.  It can be in areas of image, business etiquette, personal branding, personal development and life coaching. Many of our clients who have undertaken private coaching have received transformative results as our focus is on mindset and beliefs.

Image Consulting

Imagine if you could look 10lbs lighter and years younger without stepping foot in a gym or drinking some weird shake? The secret is dressing to your shape and choosing the right draping and fabric to accentuate those parts of your body you want to highlight whilst minimizing those you don't. It's about being strategic with your wardrobe and making the items work for you in your best interest instead of the other way round. The rise of remote working and "business casual" has caused a lot of confusion in the workplace. The suit and tie don't reign supreme in every environment and yet it is unclear at times what is suitable.  This course helps you navigate what works for you and how to incorporate this in your work attire so you always look your absolute best. Unlike working with a stylist, our program is not based on the latest fashion trends but tailored to you to keep you looking radiant, polished and ready for that next promotion!

Networking Skills

Networking has never been more important or pervasive. Due to technology, people are chosing to live all over the world, making the workplace truly global. This has opened up new forms of networking, namely online networking. Whatever form it takes, networking can be enormously influential for the trajectory of your career. If done well, it can build trust, impart valuable knowledge and open doors to propel your career and reputation. Our course gives you some simple key steps, to enable you to network with ease.  It provides a framework that ensures you will always carry yourself with confidence and authenticity, so that you can make an exceptional first impression.

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